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If you see a dog on our website or Facebook page and want to adopt please complete our online pre-adoption form.

One of our Adoption administrators will then contact you directly.

Once you have been contacted and after an initial chat with a member of our admin team,  a home check will be arranged. We often use a home check group in the UK who are not affiliated to our rescue. Home checks are an essential part of our adoption process to ensure (as much as is possible) the future well being and care of our dogs. They are not intrusive and , from your perspective as a potential adopter, prove we are a responsible rescue and are nothing to worry about. Most home checks are successful although occasionally we do have to insist on some changes to add security to gardens etc.

Following the approval of your home check, you will next have a WhatsApp or Messenger video call with two members of our admin team at a mutually convenient time. This is an informal chat to run through your application and home check and is an opportunity for any questions you may have about the procedure and the future support we offer etc. We also feel it can be helpful to all to be able to put a face to a name.

Once you confirm you want to adopt one of our dogs we reserve that dog for you and you are required to pay My Dog Rescue Spain a deposit of £190 which is non refundable except in exceptional circumstances or if the dog is unable to travel to you for reasons we as a rescue are responsible for.

Our adoption fees in total for dogs reserved after 1st August 2021 are  £590. We have recently been forced to raise these fees due to the increased costs of transporting dogs to the UK in 2021. £370 of these fees goes to pay the transporter, to the customs agency for customs clearance and to HMRC in VAT on any rescue dog imported to the UK from the EU. There is also an £80 surcharge if your location for delivery is in Scotland, Cornwall or parts of Wales. (We can check whether you are liable to pay extra and inform you in advance of you committing to adopt).

Some of our dogs have previously made their journey from Spain and are located in foster and residences we use in the UK. You are responsible for any transport costs incurred when collecting/having your dog delivered within the UK to you from one of our foster homes.

The deposit of £190 and the balance of £400 are payable directly to My Dog Rescue Spain via Paypal... or By Bank transfer- account details below.

All the transporters we use are fully licenced and experienced and operate independently with no affiliation to My Dog Rescue Spain.

The balance of £400 is payable in full directly to the rescue 5 working  days prior to the transport date for leaving Spain or 5 working days prior to collection from one of our UK fosters. We accept payment via Paypal to or via Bank transfer.

ALL OUR DOGS are microchipped, have a valid EU passport with valid rabies inoculation and are fully vaccinated against the main diseases.

We always blood test our dogs for the following diseases which can affect dogs here in Spain: Leishmaneosis (transmitted by sandflies and more common in the hotter parts of Spain in the south ), Filaria (Heartworm), and the main types of tick borne diseases; Erlichia, Anaplasma, Babesia and Rickettsia. Our dogs are all health checked by a vet.  Most dogs are neutered with the exception of dogs 8 months of age or less unless there is an exceptional reason to do so. If you are adopting a puppy of 8 months or less in age you will be asked to sign a Puppy Contract which requires you to neuter your dog in the UK at an appropriate time on consultation with your own vets practice. You will be asked to provide proof of neutering as part of this agreement.

If you would like your dog to be vaccinated against Kennel Cough before traveling we can arrange this for an additional fee of £20.

My dog Rescue Spain provides lifetime Rescue Back Up (RBU) for any dog you adopt through us. Please do not hesitate to contact us if you have any questions or concerns about your new dog. 

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