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These are just a few of our success stories



Where do I begin? We had two dogs a Doberman called Jak and a rescue called Layla, sadly Jak's days were fading and we didn't want Layla to be alone so our search began.  Facebook, so many sad stories and so many dogs, which one? We found one it was her eyes that jumped out at us, but she was dominant so wouldn't fit with Jak, then just by chance we met Lyn and Pete got talking told her about what we wanted to do and later that day she sent me some photos.  Well Taylor stole my heart, I must say the whole adoption process went so smoothly from the home check, information, paperwork and of course payment, Bob and Anne delivered Taylor a week later, scared little bundle, I have always had big dogs and Tigs, her nickname now, was small to me.  Well, what she lacked in height she made up for in every other way what a character, but we took her away from her kennel mate Milo, we didn't want four dogs but guess what we ended up with four.  After a few days settling in, a few accidents, learning to put my shoes away, all four got on great.  Jak sadly passed a few months later but Layla who's the matriarch and tries to keep them in line, but fails, and ends up getting dragged into their antics regularly.

I always bought pedigree dogs, but now will always rescue it's true what they say about rescues they know you've saved them you can feel it.  What an amazing team MDRS have aftercare was great to with help on feeding etc.  I would have them all but Warren says no as there's no room left in the bed!!



We adopted Minnie in December 2018 after seeing photos of her on Louise Edwards Facebook page . She was in a pound in Spain and looked very thin and terrified with all the other dogs. We adopted her and Louise looked after her having her spayed and getting the necessary passport for her to travel to UK. Louise set off with her son in the van she had just converted for dog transportation to deliver Minnie to us. They stopped off in Calais only for the van to be stolen and set fire to losing every thing they had worked for.  Luckily Louise and her son had taken Minnie into there room that night saving her life thank goodness. Eventually we got Minnie after a horrendous time for Louise and her son.
We have now had Minnie 14 months and she is the most loving little dog anyone could wish for such a lovely dog and loves our other two terriers we have . We are blessed to have her and I recommend anyone to adopted a rescue dog and give them the life they deserve.



The adoption process was amazing. I was given lots of information about the process and updates on the progress of Suri. Vet checks were extremely thorough and Louise, being so passionate about her work, was always available to chat when I had questions. Suri came to me in September 2019 and is now very much part of my family and we all love her. Louise has been amazing, home checks, vet checks everything. The process was smooth. And you have nothing but praise for Louise and her team.



It doesn't take long to realize how much Louise, Sophie, and the team at My Dog Rescue Spain absolutely LOVE dogs. Their tireless work is not only admirable, but so important in ensuring that their rescues not just find homes, but find the PERFECT home. The adoption process was thorough, informative, and all safe guards where taken to make sure our new girl, Dora, would fit right in. We're forever grateful!



My experience has been fantastic!

From the minute I enquired about Maria (Algodon) I had constant contact with Sophie. I was fully informed of what was happening and what to expect. 

Collecting Maria was lovely, the transporters were so friendly. 

My family and I can't thank you all enough for Maria, she is amazing 



Finn is definitely our 'normal' in this crazy world that is... he is our very own Sargent Major; wake, food, WALK, sleep, food, WALK. He continues to thrive and is really good company for all of us, hilarious and the greatest manipulator imaginable!! As ever, thank you so much for the work you do with is life changing  and immeasurable for the dogs and adopters.



We adopted Lottie in June 2020 after seeing a photograph of her on MDRS Facebook page. Lottie looked sad and lost having spent 6 months of her young life in the local dog pound in Northern Spain. We immediately contacted MDRS to register our interest.

From the first contact with the organisation we were kept fully informed of Lottie’s progress from the pound into foster care. Due o the Covid 19 situation we were concerned that the adoption process would be delayed but a Zoom home check video was organised and before we knew Lottie was on her way.

In addition to the fantastic communication form MDRS we were kept fully informed of all the transport details including photographs of Lottie during her journey to England.  

Lottie is a  brilliant dog gaining in confidence every day and thoroughly enjoying life in every way. Lottie s a much loved dog by us and the wider family.

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